Varsity/ASA Umpires

Bulletin Board

The Varsity ASA Umpires Association 2017 announces that our umpires have been selected to umpire League Playoffs, CYO post season, and Little League All Stars games. In addition, we have assigned to do the Triple Crown Girls National Tournament
(Girls 18U, 16,U, and 14U) on Randall Island on July 11 to 17. We are pleased to announce the selection of Frank Guglielmo to umpire in Oklahoma City for the ASA Girls U18 Gold Nationals. John Gino Sr., ASA Southern New York Umpire-in-Chief, has been assigned as the U-I-C leader of the Triple Crown Tournament at Randall Island overseeing 305 games and 92 umpires. The 2016 Associations' annual dinner at Mid Island Little League honored 1st year Umpire of the year, Brian Meisner, Service Award (30 years)-Marty Fleishman, and the Annual Umpire Service to the Varsity ASA Umpires award to Nick Messina. Any Varsity / ASA umpires that would like their name added to the list of available umpires should should email John Gino, Umpire in Chief, Southern NY ASA at or call at 917-071-0734.

We are now in the process of selecting an elite training group for 6 umpires this Fall 2016. This will be based upon 2016 umpire performance. These umpires will be selected to represent The Varsity ASA organization in national, state, and local tournaments.

2016 Reminders for Good Umpiring - you must report to games at least 15 minutes prior to game time. You must be in a clean uniform and proper equipment. Umpires must follow the basic field mechanics and must know the A, B, and C positions. Please keep update with your assignor(s). Your continued participation at our functions, meetings, clinics and workshops are commendable. Good luck this upcoming season and if you need anything during this season, please let us know.

Varsity ASA Softball Rules you should know:
1. DH can only be used for the pitcher.
2. Minimum number of players is 8. The 9th spot is an automatic out.
3. You only add the ninth player to a lineup up to the fifth inning.
4. Uniform penalty is 1 strike on the batter. No exceptions.
5. Umpires are required to have a homeplate.
6. Umpire uniform and equipment maybe ordered throuh the umpire-in-chief.